Where great employers
and awesome Filipinos meet.

Hire Pinoy, allows businesses looking for remote employees to find Filipinos who are looking for online jobs.

Identity Verification

Every employer and job seeker go through background checks to help filter scammers. Never hire or work for deceitful people again.

Mutual Reviews

Employers can evaluate job seekers and job seekers
(or employees) can evaluate employers. Warn others of people they should avoid.


Employers and job seekers are expected to reply to each other within 72 hours or less. No more waiting endlessly wondering if they will respond.

Affordable Pricing

Job seekers don't have to pay a single cent as it's free for them. While employers pay $25 for every job submission. A price that fits your budget.

For Job Seekers:

Long-term employment not just freelance projects.
All employers have been verified to avoid scammers.
Your salary belongs to you as we don't charge any fees.

For Employers:

Get an affordable and excellent remote employee.
A low-cost alternative to other options out there.
All job seekers have been verified to avoid scammers.